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Helping you make a world of difference across the globe through mission trips.

City Express Travel specializes in arranging and providing group travel for mission trips to help you spread the Love of Christ. To us, it’s more than just planning your flights. Our deep understanding and passion for the Gospel drives to us take the extra mile every step of the way. We know the work our people do all around the world is for a bigger purpose and it’s our hope to partner with you in that. Our extensive experience and well-defined focus in the school, church and group travel market has helped us to understand the unique challenges faced during missionary travel. We work with you from the initial planning, through the completion of the journey – helping you maximize your organization or group’s resources and effectiveness, and handle any situation that may arise during your trip.

30 years ago, City Express Travel was born as a company to serve our local church and school customers in Chicagoland to fly within the United States. Over the years, we have grown our customer base to include schools, churches and other organizations across the country. Now, our people travel all over the world – with a focus on group travel, serving others, and spreading the Gospel to those who have never heard it.

Passion for Mission Trips is is Our DNA

From the very start when City Express Travel first opened, our DNA has been centered on the Gospel, and has remained the same since. As a Christian travel agency we are passionate about the Gospel. We know and understand the beauty of the story of Jesus Christ and the life changing message it brings. Our understanding of the Gospel allows us to serve you in a better way no other agency can. Taking care of your group travel and individual travel is more than just planning your flights for us. The excitement of furthering the "good news" that has drawn millions to the Lord is a driving motivation. Our hope is to build a partnership with you and understand the work you are doing while on your mission trip. The greatest joy is hearing the impact that your trip had not only on your team, but the people you served along the way!


30 + Years Serving The Church And Mission Community

For over 30 years City Express Travel has been helping send thousands of people all across the globe to serve. From short-term mission trips, to long term mission trips, and everything in between, we have partnered with the mission community to share the love of Christ to those who have never heard it. Through years of partnering with church pastors, lay people, and mission teams we have learned what your needs are, and use our extensive knowledge of the travel industry to book your unique trips. As the industry has shifted, we have become a pioneer in developing mission travel programs. It is that experience in Group travel and Individual travel that has allowed us to serve to such a large community. The hope is that we can partner with you and provide you the maximum care and service for your mission trip.

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Custom Made Solution For Every Trip

Our hope is to make planning your group travel and individual travel as simple as possible from start to finish. Whether it’s a three person trip across the United States, or a three hundred person group trip to the other side of the world, we understand planning group travel can be complex. In this day and age booking trips has become a hassle with the airlines. The massive mergers have caused prices to soar. With our years of experience we have mastered and learned how to work alongside the airlines to get you the best rates. Our agents take every request and come up with practical, custom made solutions to make your mission travel simple. Not only that, but as a Gospel centered agency our drive is to help you be a good steward of your resources. We will work our very hardest to find you ways to have the best possible experience for your mission trip travel!

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Your Group Travel Is Our Opportunity To Show Our Skills

30 years of planning group travel and individual mission trips has allowed us to develop skills needed to accessing the best fares for your trip. It takes an extra special skill for this extra special task. At City Express Travel our highly trained team focuses on giving you the lowest airfare for your travel and makes it hassle free for you along the way. In 30+ years of working in this industry we have become experts in booking mission trip travel. Our extensive knowledge of the travel industry has given us insight on the inner workings of the airlines and how to find the best options for your trip. Our well planned methods have helped send several thousands of teams all around the world for mission travel.

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