COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions

The CDC is the best place to get the most accurate and updated information:
Click to visit the: CDC Website
The US Department of State website is also a great resource to receive continuous updates:
Click to visit the: US Department of State Website

Each individual country has different rules and regulations of who can enter and your reason of travel. Due to the ever changing landscape with COVID-19, travel restrictions are changing daily but that does not mean you cannot plan your trip! Contact us today for assistance in navigating through all of the rules and regulations.

We recommend two companies for both international medical insurance and Travel Insurance and both offer COVID-19 coverage. For Travel Insurance you can purchase “cancel for any reason” coverage under the LX package which includes cancelations due to COVID-19.

For International Medical Insurance you can purchase coverage just in case you contract COVID-19 while overseas and coverage includes medical, hospital and many other costs.

City Express Travel does not sell the insurance directly, any specific coverage and policy questions must be directed towards each company.

Due to the ongoing pandemic a majority of airlines are now offering flexibility to travelers to give you a peace of mind when booking. This includes:

-change fees being waived for when you rebook your cancelled trip (savings of $200-$500)
-extension on when you must use Travel credit by.

For a team of 10 or more travelers we offer “group fares” where you can hold seats with a refundable deposit 10 months in advance. This allows you to secure a fare and seats and continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation of your destination.

If you have future credit on file and you booked your ticket through us, please contact us today and we can rebook your new trip and provide you any further details.

Although 80% of the churches, schools and organizations we serve travel internationally to spread the Gospel there is still plenty of work to be done here domestically. If you plan to serve stateside, City Express Travel can assist you with your domestic airfare and transportation.

Also please check out our list of US Bible attractions page, complete with amazing Gospel centered museums, sites and activities!
Click to visit the: US Bible Attractions Page


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Not ready to buy tickets right away
  • You can hold seats with a deposit & pay later
  • Gives you plenty of time to fundraise & get team commitment
  • Name changes allowed
  • Guarantees groups with more than 9 passengers can be booked on the same flights with the same fare
  • That group fares will be the same as online fares
  • That the rules for group tickets are the same as online tickets
  • That you have to buy all of your group tickets at once
  • Simplified buying experience vs. Online overload
  • Christian based agency with 30+ years of Mission Airfare experience
  • Ability to navigate complex group logistics
  • Airline partnerships that gives great group perks & advantages
  • Negotiated low airfare due to high selling volume
  • Passionate & caring team with you from first call to when you return back home
  • Nationally known & recognized company
  • BBB Rated Agency; Secured & Bonded for a safe buying experience


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