Customer Testimonials

For 30 years City Express Travel has served over 100,000+ short term and long term mission trips sending over 500,000+ people all over the world to serve. It has been our passion to provide not only the best fares, but the best service as well. As a Christ-centered agency we know and understand the passion of missions and the work that is done through them. In the bigger picture of things, we are just a “small piece of the puzzle” in God’s work during a mission trip. We love hearing stories of hope, grace, redemption and joy as it fills the lives of millions. Here are some amazing stories of the work God did and the “small piece of the puzzle” we were in helping along the way!

Customer TestimonialsPastor Sondra L.

“I started using City Express Travel about 4 years ago. I had been booking tickets and planning trips on my own. Using City Express Travel saves time and money…and they always do their best to make my job easy. Working with this team alleviates the stress of calling multiple airlines trying to find the best deal. I count on City Express to do that part for me and am confident they will find the best possible price and work to find an option within our budget. I would strongly recommend City Express for churches planning mission trips or any type of travel. THEY ARE THE ABSOLUTE BEST TO WORK WITH!”

Customer TestimonialsMs. Tracy T.

“I used to manage booking flights for many of our church’s short term mission trips. Then one day I received a promotional postcard from City Express Travel and was touched by the story of City Express and Andy Kumar’s own testimony. I am so impressed with the attention to details, the incredible savings, the awesome relationship we have with their staff, and their almost “round the clock” response to inquiries!” We feel like City Express Travel is our partner in the ministry. They often ask about the outcome of our mission trips and are excited to know they share in the amazing privilege of gospel work around the world. Let the stress and wasted time and money of arranging your own travel be relieved!”

Customer TestimonialsFred K.

“We have been using City Express for over 20 years! We switched to CET because of the gracious & patient attention to details and ‘blind spots” that only CET can see and beware of. I have “moved” groups as small as 2 and as large as 20 around the world with smooth and seamless experiences! Even when unexpected emergency arose, Andy personally arranged flights back for those involved in less than 3 hours!! CET is like family… no competition …ever!!”

Customer TestimonialsReverend Mark S.

“After a number of years of trying to book special missionary oriented travel through the airlines and supposed “specialty” firms, I stumbled upon Andy Kumar and his excellent staff at City Express Travel. In frustration with the service and quotes I was receiving from an airline that “specialized” in missionary travel to South Africa, I threw a half serious email to Mr. Kumar for a comparison. The first surprise came when Mr. Kumar called me personally to ask important questions about our needs. His group rate quote was hundreds of dollars, per person, less that the airlines “group rate.” I was sold and have used City Express Travel exclusively since 2002. They have been our partners in planning and executing nearly 10 mission trips to South Africa. The accessibility to City Express is a quick as a phone call. They always seem to be ready to help at a moment’s notice. I am not exaggerating when I say that I cannot imagine planning an international trip with my church family that does not begin with travel arrangements from City Express Travel.”

Customer TestimonialsTerri T.

“I am a missionary in Honduras. I bring several work groups each year. I have used Andy and City Express travel since 2007. I had always made reservations for the groups myself. I decided to try City Express Travel and was extremely pleased and have used them since. Andy and his team are very qualified and very efficient. They have handled large groups of more than 80 and groups of 3 or 4. They have worked with me when I had a last minute group or last minute changes. In every single instance, Andy and team have worked through these and found tickets for our groups. I will continue to use City Express travel and recommend this company to anyone.”

Customer TestimonialsMs. Melinda S.

“We have worked with Andy and City Express for over 3 years now because of the tremendous service. We always receive immediate assistance, even off hours and late at night! The entire team are extremely kind and helpful. They work hard to make it work! In early 2014 I led a mission team of college ladies to Sri Lanka, India and Bangladesh. Our flights were either delayed or canceled. The City Express team quickly responded in helping to rebook several flights. I can easily say that City Express has been a life saver to the Feed the Hunger ministry. Since our first meeting with CET we have been overjoyed with their service and hard work. We would never use anyone else!”