Doctor Visits City Express Travel

Mamma Was Very Wise About The Doctor

Choose Carefully Growing up it was very common for my mother to say, “such & such Doctor is good or such & such Doctor is not so reputable.” The analysis was always based on a few very important guidelines. Knowledge was important and so was the experience. Reputation was important,...

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Stress-Free Travel Planning?

Let Us Take Stress Off Your Shoulders Everywhere you go nowadays whether it be in books, on TV, social media, articles online, you are always reading about living a stress-free life. As appealing as it sounds, sometimes it feels like it is impossible to live that way! As a Missions...

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City Express Travel Insurance

Let Them Wander Without a Travel Agent?

With City Express, You Won’t Be Left Alone City Express Travel is known for our age-old motto, “we go with you”. What does that mean? Call me an old-timer, but back then in the early ’80s it was all manual. Yup, you name it: manual typewriters, calling airlines over the phone,...

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mission trips

What Does It Mean to Serve?

Throughout any walk of life, whether it is spiritually, physically or mentally, whether it’s at your job, at church or with your family or friends, serving others is what we are called to do. The beautiful part of God’s calling is that the bible teaches us to love and care...

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Group Travel Agents, Be Gone! (Well, Not Really)

Andy Kumar is the owner of City Express Travel. The agency has been in business since 1986 serving group travel needs for churches & Christian schools. He now is joined by both of his sons, Simeon & Tim as well. Andy’s favorite line to the group travel managers is “we...

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