Global Travel Resources

The details that come with preparing for a mission trip can be overwhelming, which is why we created this collection of valuable resources from our global travel network. These resources will help your mission trip planning be smooth and stressless. Check out the various links below for information on airline baggage policies, visas, and vaccinations, just to name a few.

U.S. State Department

Visit the government website for the latest global travel advisories, guidelines, and restriction information for your destination.

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Health Information

Get up-to-date information on any major diseases or other medical issues that might affect you on your trip.

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Visa Information

Visit CIBT to ensure that you meet the visa requirements before leaving the country.

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Airport Maps And Information

Don’t be late for your flights! Get an overview of the many airports you’ll visit on your journey.

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World Time Zones

et an idea of the time difference between home and your destination.

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Currency Converter

Make sure that you bring enough cash with you to purchase essential goods.

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BBC Destination Guide

Learn more about your destination with the BBC’s in-depth guide.

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Global Newspapers

Stay informed of local events before you arrive.

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Find out the current and historical weather patterns for the place you’re traveling to.

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