Flying Amidst COVID-19?

November 7, 2020

America and rest of the world still mourn the loss of life due to Corona virus. People from all walk of life & background have experienced the brunt of Covid-19. We never thought that most of our mission trips and group travel will be affected this severely. None of our planned trips for mission travel could travel in summer of 2020. All of our group leaders had to halt their plans for group travel for their mission trips. We believe “Sky will open again soon”; some routes faster than the others. 1 good news is though, the efforts by the  affected aviation industry and cruise industry & hotel industry. The airlines and cruise companies and  hotels have realized, that unless they champion the healthy-safe-zones for their customers,  whether for individual travel or group travel, travelers will stay home and not go.

Latest is United Airlines Efforts-The State Of The Art Antimicrobial Surface Coating; called Zoono. United says Zoono works by bonding to surfaces. It then creates a protective layer, resembling microscopic pins, that ruptures cell walls and membranes layer, when microbes come in contact with it. And then American Airlines announcement that it will begin using a long-lasting antiviral surface protectant called Surface Wise2 in the coming months.

So we are  telling our group leaders to do your own research as well; but don’t wait. Group travel reservations can be made more than 300 days in advance, with a small deposit “without the names.” Most of these airlines will allow canceling reservation by certain time without purchasing the tickets.

So, it’s a win-win for our group leaders to hold seats for their mission trips now.

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