Let Them Wander Without a Travel Agent?

December 13, 2018

With City Express, You Won’t Be Left Alone

City Express Travel is known for our age-old motto, “we go with you”. What does that mean?

Call me an old-timer, but back then in the early ’80s it was all manual. Yup, you name it: manual typewriters, calling airlines over the phone, hand-written tickets, fax machines, doing everything manually. Do I wish those days were still here? No, not really!

Technology has changed everything; some handled well, some not so well. One has to ask the question: can technology completely replace the human touch? City Express Travel understood the importance of “human touch” at that time. Understanding this ageless truth has played a principal role in our survival since 1986.

True; we never let our customers wander at that time. We do everything we can possibly do for our customers. Special requests & difficult circumstances mean City Express Travel will come through always offering a helping hand and going above & beyond in any situation.

Human touch was needed at that time and in dire need today as well. So for me, our motto, “we go with you” has not changed a bit. I guarantee we will not let you wander & travel without a travel agent; without a human touch.

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