Mamma Was Very Wise About The Doctor

February 14, 2019

Choose Carefully

Growing up it was very common for my mother to say, “such & such Doctor is good or such & such Doctor is not so reputable.” The analysis was always based on a few very important guidelines. Knowledge was important and so was the experience. Reputation was important, but so was the medicine. Comfortability was vital, but so was the follow-up & so on.

After being involved in church/mission group travel for almost 35 years I have seen all kinds of scenarios, difficulties, and dilemmas. Group, mission, and student travel has its own challenges. Who to travel with, what to travel with, where to travel, why you’re traveling, are all pieces of the puzzle. And that doesn’t include the cost and fundraising yet. The travel logistics can be a nightmare to cement down. What airline, what route, the minimum number of flight connections etc. Experienced doctors matter, so does the experienced travel agency & the travel agents.

My mother would say the same thing about a qualified travel agency, to handle the group travel just as she did with an experienced doctor.

Choose carefully who you plan your travel experiences with! Base your decision off of initial customer experience and read up on previous customer experiences. City Express Travel is ready to help you start planning today. Request a travel quote and get started!

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