The Safest Place In The Skies

December 16, 2020

As COVID-19 continues to be constantly on our minds, we also see it in our businesses, schools, churches, grocery stores, neighborhoods, and communities. More than anything, the mission travel world has been affected. Churches and mission teams who had plans to travel postponed everything. Schools and colleges who were doing service projects had to pause all of their plans. Missionaries on the ground overseas had to come to terms with not having a summer of help, aid, and bodies on the ground to assist with all the things they planned and needed.

How do we get people back into those countries and serving again? What’s become clear is that the way travel will happen is changed forever, and I think perhaps for the better. The airplane has now become one of the safer places to be.

After talking with countless amounts of pastors, mission groups, group mission travelers and small church mission teams who want to fly, they want to feel safe while traveling the sky. For the airline’s to survive, they want to do everything in their power to bring people on-board. With new procedures they are cleaning the seats routinely, limiting the amount of times the flight attendants walk up and down the aisles, using the latest in sanitization technology and air purification, and changing many of the safety protocols to keep everyone safe and COVID-19 out of the air. Some might say that flying on a plane is safer than shopping at your local grocery store!

And that feeling of safety, of being secure in the air, of avoiding any contact with COVID-19; that feeling is what will allow the skies to open up and for us all getting back to serving the world again. To partnering with missions and continuing the work that God had prepared for us all. It will be an amazing adventure, and I am confident that God is going to do some amazing work in this next chapter of our lives. Now it’s time to grab our passports, buckle in, and prepare for take-off!

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