Stress-Free Travel Planning?

February 7, 2019

Let Us Take Stress Off Your Shoulders

Everywhere you go nowadays whether it be in books, on TV, social media, articles online, you are always reading about living a stress-free life. As appealing as it sounds, sometimes it feels like it is impossible to live that way!

As a Missions Pastor, trip organizer or even just a group leader, we know that City Express Travel can make that stress free life a reality. Every day we work with folks in the same position as you so we know firsthand the stress, and even pressure, that is on you to put a trip together. You have to worry about booking the flights, you also have to put together lodging on the ground, communicating with your missionaries/organization overseas and making sure everything is under budget. Not to mention the “outside work” stress of everyday living such as taking the kids to school, going to the grocery store, taking the dog out and the other millions of things going on!

It is not only our job, but it is our PLEASURE to take the enormous stress of booking flights off of your shoulders. Many Missions Pastors and trip organizers do not always see how much is involved with booking the flights: researching all airlines, doing due diligence in shopping for the best fare, tracking and sending payment, collecting names, seats, ticketing, you name it! At City Express Travel it is a guarantee that a stress-free life can become real for you.

Want to start planning your mission trip with City Express Travel? Contact us today!

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